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Welcome in our villa Willa Marzenie located in the most beautiful district in Szklarska Poręba!
It is a new villa put into use with 6 spacious comfortable and modern apartments with bathrooms and kitchenettes.
View from windows on the whole panorama of Karkonosze [Giant Mountains] is breathtaking, here we are surrounded by total silence and calm. Crystal clear creeks murmur, birds sing, crickets play.
At dawn you can admire wonderful sunrise above mountains. Beside there is a picturesque pond with fishes and a fabulous summerhouse with view on Karkonosze and from the north on Góry Izerskie [Izera Mountains].
When you open windows you begin to wonder, if it is possible that such beautiful places exist, it is really hard to refuse morning coffee and breakfast in the fresh air.

Undoubtedly it is a perfect place for RELAXATION in the true sense of the word.

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The location of the villa directly near bike and walking trails or cross-country skiing trails encourages you to spend your time actively.
All the time we have new ideas regarding new attractions in our complex to make your visit by us an unforgettable experience.
We want you to associate visit by us with DREAM HOLIDAY OR WEEKEND.

We inform that now we have for our guests:

 SMOKEHOUSE AND PIZZA OVEN, on request we smoke fresh trouts and other fishes, we make PIZZA with original Italian flour and Italian products.

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Villa Willa Marzenie is located in a breathtaking region. Close to slope of mountains Góry Izerskie with the proudly-towering peak Wysoki Kamień, it fascinates you with panorama of Karkonosze. We have this picturesque view thanks to location above the valley Biała Dolina, in a part which resisted the drastic influence of the developing tourism and kept an original structure of a mountain site in this region. Here you have in view only few houses. When you stand on stairs in front of a front door you can admire a wide meadow which goes downhill and at the end there is a forest above which you can see the mountain peak Szrenica, glacial cirques Śnieżne Kotły and farther peaks of Karkonosze. Beside the villa we have a pond with fishes, sometimes we are visited by ducks and if you want to check how clean is the water in this region, we recommend you to observe nearby streams and to catch a rainbow trout by yourself. The forest by which we are surrounded almost from all sides is a great adventure with mushroom, berry or raspberry picking, here we have a lot of them. Not far away you can find a feeding rack which is a great attraction for children and adults.

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You have unique opportunity to absorb the atmosphere of this place with all your senses. 
The villa Willa Marzenie is a totally renovated building of an old Upper Lusatian house, these houses are symbol of this region. We offer luxurious and modern apartments which are prepared to ensure you the biggest possible comfort of rest.
We think also about the youngest, in a fenced area we have a new playground for children.
We have also a big fenced free parking at guests’ disposal. By the pond you can find a big summerhouse with thatched roof and place for barbecue.
We offer four new comfortable spacious apartments which are tastefully furnished.
Each apartment has a spacious living room with a TV, a fully equipped kitchenette, a separated bedroom and a modern spacious bathroom.
The kitchenette enables preparation of meals, in bedrooms we have 7 zone mattresses. Wi-Fi in each apartment.
We offer luxurious and modern apartments which are prepared to ensure you the biggest possible comfort of rest.
Two of them are two-level and have two separated bedrooms for 6-7 persons.
All of them are finished in the highest standard.


ul. Żeromskiego 10
Szklarska Poręba




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